Well, indeed it’s a big mini-site for a plugin with just one fader.

But I came across a lot of sites with “coming soon”, “to be continued” and such mentions, and many of them have not been updated since 1995 or so.

So I just made this site so it can live on quietly: don’t expect more!

Will there be more? Maybe. Maybe not. Curious? Here’s a screenshot of Brainspawn’s Forte (as of version 1.5) running a couple of Aux Bus plugins, and the thing in the back is another software I did: a remote control for the Soundcraft Digital 324 Live mixer. I could make this available for download, I have to think about it. No promises made! My main job is being a live-sound engineer, and I play guitar and sing in 2 professional bands, as well as being a session player. Coding is a hobby I do in my spare time, and I don’t have many!

See you soon. Who knows.......

Dirk Offringa, September 2005                                Contact: