This one is more tricky, basically because we have to work around one of Forte’s (very few, and hopefully temporary) shortcomings: we cannot route a bus to another bus, and we cannot insert a plugin just before the soundcard driver. (see Diagram 1 on the Exemple 1 page). The situation is : we are mixing our band, and of course would like to use Aux Busses for our effects. We also would like to use an Equalizer plugin on our main outs to flatten out the room’s response. The problem is: if we insert an EQ in the main bus insert slot, the FX return will NOT be equalized, because both busses are mixed together in an inaccessible place. The solution is: use a second set of Aux Bus plugins to route the output of our FX to the main bus BEFORE the EQ.

If we compare the previous example of a Basic FX Aux Bus with the above diagram, things will be quite clear. The output of our FX bus is routed to an unused pair of soundcard outputs. (If we could choose here to route to main bus 1, the problem wouldn’t exist at all! Houston, can you hear me? This is Major Tom to ground control......;-) So overcome this shortcoming, we insert an Aux Bus 2 plugin in send mode just after the reverb plugin, and insert an Aux Bus 2 plugin in receive mode just before the Equalizer plugin in the main bus insert slot: the result is that we now route the FX bus’s output to the main bus and the whole mix is now passed through the EQ.

Just one little problem remains, that is related to the use of scenes in Forte. Obviously, a room EQ doesn’t need to change on a per-scene basis. On the contrary. As of Forte release 1.5, there are no scene-change options available for the bus inserts. This is likely to change in a next release, but until that we can act upon the behaviour on scene-change by manually editing a parameter in the XML of the Forte rackfile (extention .rcf).

Here’s how: open your rackfile in an xml editor like Cooktop, or even Notepad will do. There’s a lot of information in there, but fortunately the lines that we need to change are almost on top.

XML ModAnnotated

Look up the 2 lines shown above, in the scene called “SaveState”, and change the parameter “IfDifferent” “to “OneTime” for both entries. Save the document and reopen in Forte. From now on, every change you make in both the Aux Bus 2 in the bus insert (the receiver) and the EQ (here it was the Kjaerhus Classic EQ) will remain over the scenechanges, even if you update the scenes. That is what we want. You set up in a venue, EQ the room, and this must not change anymore until you need to. Keep this trick in mind, it can be helpful in other situations (in most of the exemples here too).