Consider the following situation: your band plays a venue that has an in -house soundsystem, and wants you to feed their system with your sound. They might even ask you TWO feeds, because there’s an outside party going on, and the PA there should broadcast your sound too. On a conventional desk, we’d use floating outputs for this (that’s way better than using Y-cables, which you don’t have at hand most of the time anyway, and messes up impedances in the first place, not to speak of ground-loops and the buzz that goes with them). This could also apply to: in ear monitor mixes when just the main stereo signal is OK for everyone, fixed installation with many zones to cover, and anything similar you could think of.Here’s how we set up such a configuration:

As usual, the XML mods apply here too. What’s very interesting here, is that we can use our own EQ’s on the systems we feed, and we retain control over the level we send to each system using the faders on the Aux Bus receivers: we remain in control of the quality of our sound. (Many in-house systems are very EQ’d with heavy bass and a serious dip in the mids because they’re operated by the bartender most of the time, who favours R’nB, so we have a means here to correct this somewhat). Hey, I played around a bit with a very nice (commercial) plugin from Apulsoft called Wormhole2 that sends audio over a network using UDP for low latency, I inserted a couple of instances after each EQ and was able to broadcast from within Forte to each computer in my place over my WiFi LAN!! They have some sort of insert mode I didn’t study yet, but I guess it’s possible to send audio out from Forte to a second networked computer (even a Mac), process it there and send it back again to Forte. Nice perspective!