Now that we are used to the concept, this one should be easy to understand. In this case, we set up a stereo monitor system, like a pair of sidefills, or an earmonitor system (use dedicated systems please, not regular headphone amps: dedicated systems feature the neccessary protections for you ears, like limiters and such). Adapt this to your needs, remember that Forte allows for mono-outputs too.

In the above situation, we must of course apply the XML mod we discussed in the previous page on the EQ plugins and their AUX Bus receivers. If you use FX busses as well, you should apply the method discussed there too: routing the fx bus outputs to the main bus and monitor busses. Here it is interesting to know that you can have more than one Aux Bus plugin in receive mode: to send and FX bus to both a monitor and the main bus, you’d need 1 sender and 2 receivers. I often send the main mix to the sidefills, and then add some of the dry sources on top to bring them out a little bit more. I that case, I insert a sender BEFORE the EQ in the main bus insert, and a receiver BEFORE the EQ in the monitor bus.