These pages are designed to illustrate the power of being able to throw audio from any point to another in a modular framework such as Brainspawnís Forte Live Audio Workstation. Itís mainly orientated towards Forte users, but if you use something else for live-audio, you might take some benefit here as well.

Using Forte and the Aux Bus Set, it is now possible to set up an environment that is suitable for Live Audio Mixing using a computer. Of course, you need an audio interface with many inís and outís, and if you can afford a midi control surface of some kind that would be more comfortable.

I will show here how to set up Forte to achieve some of the following: common effect busses, matrix outputs allowing multidiffusion, setting up delayed stacks, setting up a monitor mix, adding a subwoofer to the PA without the need of an active crossover and some more.

You might ask: is this technology reliable enough? Well, Iíd say: yes, but I wouldnít use this to do the FOH for U2 at the Madison Square Gardens.

 But itís definitely interesting for many small bands, house PAís and fixed installations, and all sorts of jobs where you need both power and flexibility, and a low footprint. Not to speak of the Total Recall (including effects, room eq and routing) this concept offers.

Some of these setups need minor hacks in the Forte XML rackfiles, but as the software is continuously evoluating, and the people at Brainspawn are very responsive and open-minded, Iím sure that will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases.

And, last but not least: PLEASE be careful, and avoid creating feedback loops! Apart from the damage that might occur to your speakers, your ears might be damaged too. Remember that there is NO remedy for that: ear damage is IRREVERSIBLE. Iíve warned you! (This is especially true with high power live PAís, and remember: you work in public spaces, so youíre responsible of the health of innocent bypassers as well!)