What’s this ?

This is a lazy mod of the Aux Bus plugin. It’s primarily designed to add flexibility to brainspawn’s live audio workstation Forte, and enhance it’s creative possibilities, but might work in other hosts as well. (Visit their website here: www.brainspawn.com).

As a singer, and entertainer, I often need to talk to the audience, and obviously I don’t want heavy reverbs and delays when I go into “speech mode”, and because I never know WHEN exactly I want to speak, setting up a special “speech-scene” wouldn’t help.

So I made this little mod to achieve this: it actually acts as an aux-send, but when the “aux send level” goes up, simultaneously the “dry-through level” goes down. I other words, aux send full up mutes the direct sound. Sort of “panning” between busses, or more generally, destinations

By setting up an extra output bus routed to the main outputs, without any inserts but a Bus Inverter in “receive mode” and a sender as first insert in my vocal module, I can now toggle between dry and wet, or better “singing mode” and “speech-mode” with a simple step on a footswitch, using forte’s “toggle” mode.

More creative uses are possible: up to you to play around with this little tool and discover..

Some more possible uses include: gradually morphing (crossfading) from one set of processors into a second set by means of an expression pedal (using remap mode in forte); crossfading from a guitarsound into another; panning or switching between different pairs of outputs. If you find some other creative use, please let me know!

How does it work ?

Please read the instructions for the Aux Bus Set.

You can have as many senders as you like, for one receiver.

If you need more “systems” (several separate sender/receiver combinations), just copy the .dll and rename it (to BusInverter_01 for instance). Instances communicate between same-name .dll’s.


Original Senderella code by Sean Person (ModulR). Thanks many!!

Adaptation and Gui design by Dirk Offringa, march 2006

VST Plugin technology by Steinberg

VST is trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH


This software is provided as is. No support will be provided, although I will try to figure things out if you drop me a mail : info@solidsoundstudio.net


Please do not use this sofware without full understanding of audio paths. It’s easy to create feedback loops if you are a bit absent-minded, and damage to your speakers or other hardware, as well as to your valuable ears might occur in case of improper use. BE CAREFUL!

BusInverter Screenshot