Here is a basic Channelstrip I coded on request of some Brainspawn Forte users.(visit Brainspawn’s website here:, but it might be of some interest for users of other VST hosts as well.

Install: copy BasicStrip.dll into your VST plugins directory.


  • Logaritmic tapered level fader with numerical display of attenuation
  • Equal power panning with numerical display: rightclicking on the knob resets to Centered.
  • A mute button.
  • A merge function: sums left and right input channels which can then be panned as a mono signal (slight attenuation is built in to avoid overload)
  • A VU meter monitors the output.
  • Clicking on the SolidSoundStudio logo displays the about box.
  • Full midi automation.

Note on panning:

You should be aware that Pan is not Balance. When working with stereo sources, this is important to know. Balance, as found on home stereo amplifiers, attenuates one channel while maintaining the original level of the other: Balance full to one side completely attenuates (removes) the other side. Pan, on the other hand, adds the removed fraction of the attenuated channel to the remaining one, so if Pan is full to one side, you’ll still hear the complete audio contents, summed to mono and “panned”.

Depending on the nature of the stereo source, you might experience artifacts like phase-cancelation, especially if the stereo source is artificially “stereophonized”. This is not a shortcoming of this particular plugin.


Coded  in Borland Delphi7 using Tobybears’s VST  Template (many thanks!)

VST Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies, GmbH.

January 2006, by Dirk Offringa

This is free software. No support will be provided, although I will try to figure things out if you drop me a mail:

Disclaimer: the name “Basic Strip” has nothing to do whatsoever with Sharon Stone or Kim Basinger. You’re just imagining things.